Leave the noise from the busy world behind and tune in to the natural world. Enjoy the beauty of slowing things down and simple pleasures of life while connecting with nature, friends and family, and your deeper self.

Here are several things you can do at Ashamaya Belitung Eco Lodge:

fish feeding at glamping site

Fish feeding

Read a good book

Take a bike ride to the beach

Barbecue BBQ at glamping

BBQ night

Have a picnic by the farm

Take a walk in our gardens

Have a nap among the trees

Join the farm tour

Harvest the fruits & vegetables

Movie night under the stars

Lengkuas island in Bangka Belitung


Explore the vibrant colours of Belitung where the rich culture, amazing food, beautiful beaches, and dreamy hills are waiting for you. The options are limitless: from an island hopping trip, a romantic sunset dinner by the beach, to a Tarsius (small primates native to islands of Southeast Asia) watching experience; all within easy access from Ashamaya Belitung.

We will be happy to help you to give you suggestions and even help to curate a tailored local experience just for you. Please feel free to contact our team for further details.

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